Matris™ can make a difference for your patients.

Matris™ helps ART clinicians assess optimal endometrial receptivity and the probability of pregnancy on a cycle-by-cycle basis.

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Clinically Proven

Matris™ has been proven in clinics in North America and Europe.


Matris™ analyses an ultrasound image taken at the time of oocyte retrieval or during FET protocols

Shorter Intervals to Pregnancy

Understanding endometrial receptivity results in optimal decisions for proceeding with embryo or blastocyst transfer.

Manage quality embryos

Matris™ allows clinicians to decide if a transfer or vitrification is appropriate on a cycle-by-cycle basis to keep the best quality embryo for the best quality endometrium

Matris™ is the only non-invasive diagnostic test available to ART clinicians to assess endometrial receptivity. It uses proprietary algorithms and specialized technologies to assess an ultrasonographic image of the uterus. Matris™ evaluates the physiologic state of the uterine lining in advance of an embryo or blastocyst transfer, thus allowing ART clinicians to increase the probability of a successful transfer.