• Q |What is Matris™?

    Matris™ is the only non-invasive diagnostic test available to ART clinicians to assess endometrial receptivity.  It uses proprietary algorithms and specialized technologies to assess an ultrasonographic image of the uterus.  Matris™ evaluates the physiologic state of the uterine lining in advance of an embryo or blastocyst transfer, thus allowing ART clinicians to increase the probability of a successful transfer.

    Our analysts use proprietary software to assess the stage of endometrial development in a manner not possible in clinical observation and report the probability of a pregnancy using images taken on the day of oocyte retrieval – that is, 3 or 5 days before an embryo or blastocyst transfer would normally occur.

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  • Q |How do I access the Matris™ analysis for my patients?

    Clinicians, clinical business managers or their designates, use the Contact Us page on our website. A Service Agreement will be negotiated with your clinic. Once an agreement is in place, the clinician, clinical business manager or designate will have access to their private clinic portal on our secure website using a login ID and password.

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  • Q |How does Matris™ differ from just looking at endometrial thickness and pattern?

    Matris™ scores are based on proprietary algorithms that evaluate variables beyond measuring endometrial thickness and pattern not otherwise detectible using standard visual image interpretation techniques.

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  • Q |Who will answer clinics' imaging questions?

    Clinics will be provided with appropriate contact information when entering into a service agreement to use Matris™. Our experts will assist clinics directly with all imaging questions.

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  • Q |Why should our patients use Matris™?

    Matris™ assesses endometrial receptivity in a manner not otherwise detectable in IVF clinics. Scores directly correlate with an estimate of the probability of pregnancy when an embryo or blastocyst is transferred. Clinicians using Matris™, along with other quality clinical practices, have seen dramatic improvements in their pregnancy success rates.

    The predictive capabilities of Matris™ will result in shorter intervals to pregnancy for your patients.

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  • Q |What if my patient’s uterus is not optimally ready for implantation?

    Matris™ provides clinicians with the opportunity to discuss options with their patients. For example, to address the strategy of transferring the embryo into a suboptimal endometrium or cryopreserving the embryo for a future cycle when endometrial conditions are improved.

    Matris™ scores are available before the day embryos would typically be transferred. The timing of the score’s availability facilitates patient counseling, allows flexibility in patient scheduling and assists ART clinicians in managing their practice resources.

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  • Q |What is the turn-around time for the Matris™ analysis?

    We provide a Matris™ score and analysis within 48 hours from the time the image(s) are uploaded into the Synergyne system; however, reports are often available for download by the clinic within 24 hours.

    If an image is uploaded directly after oocyte retrieval, the report will be ready for the clinic well before an embryo transfer would be performed. This approach gives the clinic approximately 2 days to formulate an optimal strategy for patient care.

    FET cycles: For images uploaded on day 3 of progesterone, arrangements can be made for results to be available to the clinic through the clinic portal within 24 hours.

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  • Q |Are there any risks to my patients associated with using Matris™?

    Matris™ uses state-of-the-art proprietary computer technology designed specifically for enhanced understanding of the physiology underlying endometrial function and the establishment of pregnancy. We digitally analyze ultrasound images taken at your clinic or in the facilities of the imaging specialist with whom you work. There are no additional risks to patients in analysis of the image provided to us by your clinic. Matris™ scores and reports assist you in providing an enhanced level of care.

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  • Q |How do I train my staff to use Matris™?

    Webinar or teleconference training sessions will be provided for staff meetings and training at your convenience. In addition, a Matris™ representative may be scheduled for individual clinic visits.

    Effectively, if your staff can upload a picture to social media, they can upload the required images to our secure server using the Clinician Portal.

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  • Q |Is there variation between ultrasound technicians in clinics?

    We recognize that each clinic and ultrasound technician have developed their own techniques for image capture.   We provide your ultrasound technician with a protocol for obtaining and labeling a transverse image of the uterus and endometrium.   Our team will work with you and your technician to assure optimal image capture and upload.

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  • Q |Can we send Matris™ images in on the weekend?

    Images can be uploaded through our secure clinic portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • Q |What is the turnaround time on the weekend?

    We provide a Matris™ score and analysis within 48 hours from the time images are uploaded onto the Synergyne server. Reports are often available for download by the clinic in less than 24 hours.

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