Matris™ is an innovative test that evaluates endometrial receptivity in patients undergoing ART. Matris™ uses proprietary algorithms and specialized technologies to assess and interpret ultrasonographic images taken by the clinic.

Using 2- and 3-dimensional techniques, Matris™ and our team generate insights into endometrial receptivity that cannot be detected in routine clinical practice.

Acoustic imaging has been incorporated into routine clinical practice and has changed the way in which reproductive medicine is practiced. Pregnancy occurs when both embryo and uterus are optimally prepared. The endometrium is the site of embryo implantation and its receptivity is critical to a successful outcome.

Matris™ uses a scoring system that assigns a numeric score based on what research predicts will be the quality of the endometrial lining at the time of transfer.   The higher the Matris™ score, the higher the probability of pregnancy.

There are four elements that make up a successful ART process

Receptivity of Endometrium

Endometrial receptivity varies in patients from cycle-to-cycle. Many advances have been made in improving the quality of the embryo but until recently little progress had been made in our ability to assess endometrial quality and receptivity prior to transferring irreplaceable embryos. Matris provides answers to the question of receptivity.

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Successful IVF clinics are founded on the skill of their clinicians and the implementation of stimulation protocols. With a skilled clinician, the patient's likelihood of success is greater.

IVF Laboratory

IVF Laboratories and embryologists play an integral role in successful outcomes. The world's top embryologists combine science with art to create viable embryos.

Quality of Embryo

There are many factors that impact the quality and viability of an embryo. The quality of the embryo is an important factor, although not the only one, in the success of an IVF pregnancy.