Matris™ allows prudent utilization of precious resources by helping you determine if the endometrial environment is optimal for implantation. In cases where the score is high, you can be confident that you are transferring an embryo into an environment well-suited to the establishment of pregnancy. In cases where the score is low, the best decision for you and your patient may be to cryopreserve the embryo for transfer in a future cycle.

Matris™ scores and their associated probabilities of pregnancy give you the option to make more informed decisions. Matris™ is especially valuable in cases where there may be very few embryos or in situations where costs are a significant factor in the decision making process.

Clinic Benefits

  • Increased pregnancy rates
  • Transfer embryo to quality uterus
  • Streamline laboratory workflow
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Assess stimulation and priming protocols in each patient
  • Assess potential for D3 vs. D5 transfer

Patient Benefits

  • Shorter intervals to pregnancy
  • Non-invasive
  • Clinically-proven technology
  • Potential for reduction in overall cost