April 4, 2022

(TORONTO, ON) April 4, 2022 — Matris ™ by Synergyne ART Analytics Inc., enters the next phase to become the world’s first and only artificially intelligent fertility technology of its kind — opening the door for improved pregnancy rates for IVF patients everywhere. World-leading US fertility clinic and foremost research hub, Boston IVF, will take the tool across the border to validate the improvement in the  IVF success rates achieved in Canada.

“We’re on the verge of a potential breakthrough in fertility treatment,” says Steve Rowley, Vice President of Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. “Matris ™ has improved our ability to interpret and assess endometrial quality. Collaborating with Boston IVF will further advance that very exciting data — which is the final step before the tool is fully automated. That’s important because it means the potential to improve fertility outcomes on a global scale.”

Beginning in spring 2022, Boston IVF — internationally renowned for its leading role in cutting-edge fertility research and advancement — will implement the Matris ™ tool to authenticate the research in the United States. “We are excited to be at the forefront of this promising technology and work with Synergyne to corroborate their system,” says David Stern, CEO of Boston IVF.

As an early adopter of Matris ™, Toronto’s TRIO Fertility has been a clinical collaborator since 2018. Together, TRIO and Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. have gathered and analyzed exhaustive data that proves the efficacy of the tool. The results to date show that Matris ™ dramatically improves in vitro fertilization (IVF) pregnancy rates by up to 20%.

“Now more than ever, there is a greater need for fertility innovation. We’re seeing increasing rates of infertility and a dramatic rise in the demand for IVF,” says Nicole Condon, CEO of TRIO Fertility, “Since implementing Matris™, we’ve experienced improved outcomes for our patients, which has contributed to TRIO’s ability to maintain some of the highest pregnancy success rates in Canada. When it comes to clinical results and costs, those outcomes can make a life-changing difference for IVF patients.”

Matris™ uses an ultrasound image taken at any time during preparation for embryo transfer to assess the endometrium. The quality of the endometrial lining plays a significant role in a successful transfer. Matris™ predicts when the endometrium is more receptive, therefore improving clinical decisions and increasing the chances of implantation and pregnancy.

“Moving to the next phase — the world’s first fully AI Ultrasound Based Endometrial Receptivity Test — has the potential to improve outcomes for fertility patients,” adds Rowley. “The results are already promising; full automation will help to reduce the manpower needed to interpret the test, opening the door for Matris™ to become a standard offering in all fertility clinics.”

About Matris by Synergyne ART Analytics Inc.

Matris™ is the only non-invasive diagnostic tool that is designed to assess endometrial receptivity. Matris™ can analyze endometrial health at any point in a patient’s cycle, optimize embryo potential before a transfer, and improve overall outcomes. With more than 30 years of science behind it, Matris™ is based upon proprietary technology developed and used in studies with world-leading research facilities.


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Steve Rowley
Vice President, Synergyne ART Analytics Inc.