May 3, 2023

(CALGARY, AB) May 3, 2023 — Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. and Cybera’s Applied Data Science Lab are proud to announce their collaboration to advance fertility treatment and artificial intelligence/machine learning(AI/ML) within the medical technology (MedTech) industry. This partnership represents an exciting milestone in fertility treatment advances and the medical community as a whole.

As part of their partnership, Cybera’s Applied Data Science Lab will contribute a team of highly trained technology scientists who will collaborate closely with Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. to integrate AI/ML  into Matris™. This promising development began on May 1st and will continue for several months.

“Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. is delighted to join forces with Cybera’s Applied Data Science Lab to advance fertility treatment and AI/ML within the medical technology industry,” stated Steve Rowley, Vice President of Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. “This project will see our technology team partnering with Cybera’s experts to analyze years of proprietary data and internal algorithms to create something that we are confident will become even more relevant for our clinical partners. Together, our goals include making strides toward improved patient outcomes while making Matris™ more available to fertility clinics and their patients alike.”

Matris™ by Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. is the only non-invasive endometrial receptivity test taken prior to transfer available on the market. It uses ultrasound images taken during preparation for embryo transfer to analyze and assess the endometrium. Endometrial quality plays a key role in successful transfers; Matris™ predicts when the endometrium’s lining becomes more receptive, thereby improving clinical decisions and increasing chances of implantation and pregnancy. With AI/ML technology implemented into this analysis process, the speed of the test can be significantly increased and it can be more easily scaled for global marketability.

“For over four years, Cybera has been helping companies across Alberta to adopt data science best techniques, while providing emerging data scientists the chance to work on a real-world project. This, in turn, has helped companies grow while diversifying Alberta’s economy,” said Dr. Byron Chu, Cybera’s Applied Data Science Lab Project Manager. “The Applied Data Science Lab team is excited to work with Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. Not only will we be supporting the development of this organization, but through its novel platform, we will be helping to improve the lives of people who are facing fertility challenges. We look forward to the social impact our collective teams will have as we drive Matris™’ data to achieve better outcomes.”

This partnership could significantly advance fertility treatment and AI/ML technology within MedTech. Investors looking for emerging technologies with the potential to impact millions of lives can seize the opportunity to invest in revolutionary innovations that could have an enormous positive impact.

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About Matris™ by Synergyne ART Analytics Inc.
Matris™ is the only non-invasive diagnostic tool that is designed to assess endometrial receptivity. Matris™ can analyze endometrial health, optimize embryo potential before a transfer, and improve overall outcomes. With more than 30 years of science behind it, Matris™ is based upon proprietary technology developed and used in studies with world-leading research facilities.

About Cybera Applied Data Science Lab
Cybera is Alberta’s not-for-profit organization responsible for driving economic growth through the use of digital technology. Our core role is to oversee the development and operations of Alberta’s cyberinfrastructure — the advanced system of networks and computers that keep government, educators, not-for-profits, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of technological change. We work with our members to ensure a connected future for all Albertans. The Applied Data Science Lab provides support for small-to-medium-sized businesses and startups who are looking to adopt data science and machine learning practices.


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Steve Rowley
Vice President, Synergyne ART Analytics Inc.