June 12, 2024

TORONTO, ON, [June 12, 2024]Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. proudly announces a significant milestone as it moves from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) into an official investment and operating partnership with HoMu Health Ventures. This collaboration represents a transformative medical and fertility technology step, generating excitement among industry professionals, potential investors, and fertility clinics worldwide.

Synergyne ART Analytics Inc. is improving reproductive health with its innovative technology, Matris™. Matris™ is the only non-invasive diagnostic test designed to determine endometrial receptivity in advance of each embryo transfer, presenting a unique and unparalleled solution in the industry. This strategic partnership with HoMu Health Ventures, a Barcelona-based company known for its scientific expertise, clinic relationships, and proven track record in commercializing advanced reproductive technologies, will further propel both the current commercialization and clinical viability of Matris.

“By joining forces with HoMu, we gain access to their business leadership, invaluable scientific knowledge and global clinic network,” says Steve Rowley, Vice President for Synergyne ART Analytics. “Together with our esteemed North American partners, TRIO Fertility and Boston IVF, we form a formidable team of world-class leaders dedicated to expediting the commercialization of Matris™ and making this cutting-edge technology available to clinicians and patients worldwide.”

Dr. Santiago Munne and Dr. José Horcajadas, co-founders of HoMu Health Ventures, share the same vision of improving IVF outcomes and enhancing reproductive health through innovative technologies. Their investment in Matris™ is a testament to its advanced ultrasound technology and proven clinical efficacy. As passionate advocates for safer and more efficient reproductive healthcare, they are delighted to join forces with Synergyne and embark on a journey to introduce Matris™ to the rest of the world. With this partnership, Dr. Horcajadas will also be involved in the operations of Synergyne ART Analytics Inc.

For more information about Matris™ and its groundbreaking capabilities, please visit matrisART.com. To learn more about HoMu Health Ventures and its commitment to improving reproductive health, visit homuhealthventures.com.

About Synergyne ART Analytics Inc.
Synergyne ART Analytics Inc., a subsidiary of Synergyne Imaging Technology Inc., is at the forefront of revolutionizing fertility technology. Their flagship product, Matris™, is a non-invasive diagnostic tool designed to assess endometrial receptivity, optimize embryo potential, and improve overall IVF outcomes. Matris™ is built upon proprietary technology developed and validated through extensive research collaborations with world-leading institutions.

About HoMu Health Ventures
HoMu Health Ventures is a Barcelona-based company dedicated to advancing reproductive health through the development and commercialization of innovative technologies. With a focus on improving IVF outcomes, HoMu leverages its scientific expertise and a strong network of clinic relationships to bring cutting-edge solutions to the global market.


For more information, please contact:
Steve Rowley
Vice President, Synergyne ART Analytics Inc.