March 7, 2023

Synergyne Imaging Technology Inc. (Synergyne) is excited to announce its subsidiary, Synergyne ART Analytics Inc., has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Barcelona-based HoMu Health Ventures (HoMu) that will result in a co-investment to advance the final development of Matris™, the only intracycle, non-invasive diagnostic test to determine endometrial receptivity at the time of embryo transfer.

Steve Rowley, VP for Synergyne, states “The team at HoMu brings additional scientific knowledge, clinic relationships and proven commercialization expertise in developing advanced reproductive technologies which improve IVF outcomes. Together with our North American partners, TRIO Fertility and Boston IVF, we now have a global team of world-class leaders working together with Synergyne to accelerate the commercialization of Matris™ and bring the underlying technology to clinicians and patients globally.”

Dr. Santiago Munne and Dr. José Horcajadas, co-founders, stated “At HoMu we are committed to improving IVF outcomes through the development and commercialization of leading-edge, innovative technologies making reproductive health accessible to all women in a safer and more efficient manner. We believe our investment in Matris™, based on its advanced ultrasound technology and proven clinical track record aligns, perfectly with this commitment. We are excited to become their partner and look forward to bringing it to the rest of the world.”